Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Get a FREE Switchamajig EADL system

Happy Holidays!

Switchamajig IR and Insteon IRLinc Hiding in a Corner
My Switchamajig IR can learn commands to control Insteon lights and plugs, so I want to shoot a video showing how great it is to have control of so much of your world with an iPad.

If you're familiar with my videos, you know that my son Jackson typically stars in them. But for this video, I'd prefer to show an adult. If you want to be in the video, I'll meet with you to understand what will work best, install a basic system at your home, shoot the video, and leave the system behind.

I'm looking for teenagers, adults, and seniors who:
 - Live close to San Jose, California.
 - Are unable to access standard electrical switches, small appliances, and remote controls because of a motor impairment.
 - Own and are able to access an iPad, either directly or with scanning switches.
 - Are excited at the idea of controlling more of their daily lives with their iPad.
 - Are willing to sign a release that lets me use pictures and video of you and your home to market my products. In the video, I may need to explain something about your disability to show how my product helps you.

The Insteon Switch (Right) Fits Right In
Obviously I can only give away a couple of these systems, so I expect I'll have to turn people away. I apologize in advance if you're one of the people I have to turn down.

If you're interested, I need an email from you to freeir@paw-solutions.com. Please tell me how you meet the above criteria, and how great my video will be with you in it. Include a picture if you like, and I'll be in touch.

I feel like there should be some legal mumbo-jumbo associated with an offer like this. Since I'm not a lawyer, let's just say that nobody is entitled to anything as a result of my writing this post and that I alone will choose who I give free stuff to.

Oh, and I won't retain any personal information about you. Once I've got the video made, I'll delete the above email account along with everything I received for it.