Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Year's Wheelchair-Based Halloween Costume

Another year, another costume. Last year we had the firetruck, with a Switchamajig Controller under the hood to control the lights and squirt gun. But this year, Jack wanted to be a pizza delivery truck. Jack has been fascinated by pizza delivery ever since he learned that there are phone numbers you can call that cause pizza to arrive at the front door.

I couldn't really think of a good way to integrate the iPad, but I figured I'd share the photo.

The Pizza sign is made from electroluminescent (EL) wire. You can't really see that in the photo, but at night it was pretty visible.

Construction is a wooden frame set on the chair with cardboard stapled to it and covered with shelf paper. The cab is a separate piece that we put on once we had the body of the truck in place.

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