Monday, September 3, 2012

Switchamajig for Special Education

Switchamajig is a great platform that works in a lot of different contexts, so I'm adding some resources to my website for different caregivers who use Switchamajig. If you're in special education, I'd love to hear about how you use my product. I'm also looking for pictures and video of teachers and children Switchamajigging to post on my website (with permission for parents, of course.) Leave a comment or drop me an email if you have something to share!

Here's what I have for special ed teachers. What am I missing?

Are the children you work with unable to access toys that mainstream children take for granted? When was the last time a mainstream child asked one of your kids to share an adapted toy? The Switchamajig Controller opens up new possibilities for many students with special needs. It lets them use the iPad, the simplest (not to mention the coolest) user interface ever invented, to control toys like full-function remote controlled cars by touching one button at a time. And you can record different audio on each switch, so the iPad can tell the child that the car is going forward, or turning left, or whatever you want to reinforce. Driving around a vehicle is also a great way to improve spatial relations. But most importantly, you’ll emphasize inclusion. Everyone in the school will want to play with your kids and their toys.

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